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Our Latest Catalog has arrived!
Our catalog should be in your home by now and you’ll notice it’s larger than ever. We have many more items in the store than we are able to include in the catalog. Why not take a nice ride to the store and see our wool or cashmere sweaters, cashmere blankets, gloves, silk scarves and wool mufflers, new fox design men’s ties and other Barbour and John Partridge jackets not shown in the catalog. Ask to visit the downstairs room where we keep the paintings and old framed prints. Then browse the children’s department where we have a wide range of clothing, gloves, riding apparel, exciting and different gifts and books for the youth group.
Holiday Hours
     Horse Country is open from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Saturdays, and 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm every Sunday until Christmas. We will be closed Christmas Day and New Years Day. We will reserve a few special evening hours (by appointment only) for jewelry, art and corporate gift giving. Call the store at 1-800-882-HUNT (4868) if you’d like to schedule an evening appointment.

We look forward to seeing you!


A Sampler of Horse Country’s Holiday Offerings
This season, we have an even larger selection of Christmas and Holiday gifts for every member of the family, good friends, dogs, horses and the special people on your gift giving list. Why worry yourself trying to find the right gift for the people on your list? Give Horse Country® gift certificates. They’re always the right size and color!

Rita Mae Brown Launches New Book at Horse Country

you missed the launch of The Tell-Tale Horse, you can still get a copy at Horse Country, available for $24.95 in hard cover. Stop by to pick one up or call us at 1-800-882-HUNT (4868).    
     It was a full house at Horse Country on the evening of September 27 when a huge crowd turned out for the launch of Rita Mae Brown’s newest book. Set in and around Warrenton, Virginia, portions of The Tell-Tale Horse take place in the store and owner Marion Maggiolo is featured among the characters. The guests enjoyed a tempting array of refreshments under the tent in the parking lot and then stood eagerly in line to have Dr. Brown sign their copies of the latest installment in her “Sister” Jane Arnold series of foxhunting-themed mysteries.
     Known for her energetic personality and zest for life, Rita Mae chatted with her fans and signed books until late in the evening. All she required were periodic breaks to soak her signing hand in a bucket of ice. One guest, skilled in the
art of Reiki, applied her healing touch to the author’s cramped hand at evening’s end.
     Not only does Ms. Brown find the time and energy to keep turning out two popular mystery series (in addition to “Sister” Jane she also writes a long running series set in Crozet, Virginia, and co-authored with her cat Sneaky Pie Brown) she founded the Oak Ridge Hunt where she serves as master and huntsman. She arrived at the store for the book launch turned out for a day of sport, clad in kit acquired at Horse Country of course.
     A special session was held before the public signing in which attendees were treated to a personal reading and Q&A session with the author. Proceeds from this went to the Fauquier County SPCA, celebrating its 50th Anniversary. If
 Nimrod’s Notebook: Evolving Headgear
     Have you ever noticed in old hunting prints and photos that members of the field are all wearing top hats or bowlers, but not masters and staff? For many years that was the accepted custom: only masters and staff wore hunt caps, everyone else wore a top hat or bowler.
     Although a myriad of details remain as widely accepted custom to differentiate between the various offices and positions within the hunting community, this one has fallen out of practice over the past few decades. Why? Some would
argue that it’s a safety issue. A top hat or bowler with a chin harness? Not likely. Hunt caps, however, transitioned more easily into the age of chin straps without losing their classic visual appeal.
     Today an increasing number of hunts are broadening their turnout policy to not only allow safety headgear but to encourage it  (perhaps a case of liability exposure trumping classic style). And there are several styles of helmets available that offer both an attractive look and a reasonable certainty that they will
remain in place if the wearer takes a tumble.
     Many masters, huntsmen, and whippers-in now opt for a cranial covering that provides better security than a traditional hunt cap does. But you’re still more likely to see someone in one of these positions favoring the old style hunt cap than you will a member of the field. But, then, you have to be pretty hard-headed to be a master, huntsman or whip.
Shooting the Horse Country Catalog: Hot Days and a Tight Schedule
     We’re enormously proud of this year’s catalog, all 176 full color pages packed with an enticing array of clothing, tack, gifts, house wares, jewelry, and books. This year’s theme is “Diary” so we thought we’d share some behind-the-scenes glimpses of what it takes to produce our annual collection in printed form. As you might imagine, a considerable amount of effort and planning goes into this.
     Because much of our merchandise comes from specialty suppliers, and many of them in the UK, it’s often difficult to obtain sample items far in advance. This puts us under a tight schedule for the photo shoots. Of course, we could save ourselves a lot of headache and expense by just using stock photos wherever possible, opting for black and white sketches instead of the real thing, or just describing some items without actually showing them. But that wouldn’t be the Horse Country style. Everything we offer is so visually appealing it simply has to be shown in full color, high quality, professionally shot photos.
     Along with obtaining all the items we need to include for your reading pleasure, we then have to decide where to do the photo shoots. Fortunately, there’s no shortage of lovely farms and exquisite homes around the Warrenton area. We’re truly grateful to the owners who are so gracious and accommodating in allowing us to roll in with a staff of models, photographers, and various assistants, plus truckloads of merchandise. 
 One variable we can’t control is the

weather and this can cause discomfort for our hard-working models. Foxhunting is, of course, a cool weather sport so many of the clothing items are designed for warmth on chilly days. That’s fine if you’re out with hounds on a brisk winter morning. It’s not so pleasant if you’re posing for a photo shoot wearing a vest, stock tie, and heavy lined hunt coat on a sultry September afternoon. This also makes for some challenging background scenes, such as the day we were shooting our models in winter jackets from our Country Clothing collection and had to wave off two riders who came hacking
along in the background wearing summery tee shirts. But thanks to our dedicated staff we somehow manage to get it done every year. And if the comments from our customers are any indication, the effort is well worth it. If you’re not already on the mailing list for our catalogs, contact us at 1-800-882-HUNT (4868). You can also see the catalog pages on our website

(We’re not taking orders through the website yet but you can browse through the offerings and then call the store to place your order.)
MFHA’s Centennial Year Draws to a Close Horse Country Saddlery…and Movie Set

We’ve worked hard to give Horse Country Saddlery a warm, inviting feel. People comment every day about how much they love the décor and admire the imaginative displays. It seems this appreciation isn’t limited to our customers. At least one award-winning independent filmmaker has a similar opinion. That’s why writer/director/producer Frank Sciurba, of Illuminati Productions, recently returned to Horse Country to shoot scenes for his latest movie project, A Vengeful Woman. Frank first used the store as a scene setting for his independent film Perfect Poison which was an official selection at three international independent film festivals and an award winner at two of them. We’re pleased to have the store included as part of these quality locally produced films and wish Frank and all the folks at Illuminati Productions the best for their continued success.
The events – hound trials, field hunter championships, joint meets, traveling art show, merchandise sales – began in 2006 and the planning started even earlier. Now, though, as we near the end of 2007, the Masters of Foxhounds Association prepares to wrap up its centennial observance. When the MFHA holds its annual meetings in New York City this January, Mason Lampton, MFH and Huntsman of the Midland Fox Hounds (GA), will step down as president and Dr. Marvin Beeman, MFH and Huntsman of Arapahoe Hunt (CO), will begin his term at the helm. Mason Lampton was the driving force behind the centennial celebration but countless others helped make this an outstanding success both as a fundraiser for the MFHA’s educational fund and as a way for foxhunters throughout North America to get to know each other better. You still have the chance to decorate your home with a lovely piece of artwork created especially for the Centennial and to decorate both your home and yourself with a wide selection of merchandise bearing the Centennial logo. Go to for more information. Two other projects related to this celebration – a commemorative book and accompanying DVD – are still in the works and will be available soon. See the related articles in What’s Coming? for details.
Horse Country on 5th - Leftovers
     Every store has leftovers and at Horse Country we treat all of our old inventory as museum artifacts. When an item is discontinued, we lovingly wrap it up and put it in storage. Surprisingly, we’ve run out of space in our storage areas. Six weeks ago, I rented a small store front in Old Town Warrenton, quickly remodeled the space and have opened our rack store, clearance center and cozy treasure corner for our customers. Called Horse Country on Fifth – Leftovers, we are open Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm until the end of December and we’ll reevaluate the schedule as the New Year arrives.
     Kevin, the carpenter, put up crown molding and racks, Jimmy did the lights and other electrical work, Suzy
wallpapered the bathroom and Brian painted the display walls. The new carpet went in, the store furniture arrived from California, and Samantha was hired to handle sales. We quietly opened the week after Thanksgiving.
     Right now, the store is filled with Kyra K, Puffa, John Partridge, Barbour and other winter outerwear for men and women. We have gift items, pillows, platters and other small luxuries for thoughtful gift giving. A bunch of odds and ends cover the tables and shelves. As space becomes available, we’ll add more inventory. Everything is at least 40% off but most items are discounted even more than that.

Cash or check only; all sales final.
Just Arrived: A Collection of Lady’s Riding Clothes
Every so often, we have someone bring us a treasure to sell. This month, we received a lady’s complete riding attire collection, custom made for her in the late 1950s and ’60s. Each piece looks new but they have been worn, made to fit a 5’2” to 5’5” lady, 32” chest, 25-26” long waist.

Lady’s Navy Twill Frock Coat, Miller’s, NY, custom department. Ex. condition.
Lady’s Oxford Melton Hunting Jacket, Miller’s, NY, custom department, Ex. condition.
Lady’s Shadbelly, Miller’s, NY, custom department. Ex. condition.
Brown Tweed Jacket, made in Ireland in the 1960s, used. $50.00.
Gray Silk Riding Jacket, Miller’s, NY, custom department. Ex. condition. Show and breakfast jacket. $125.00.
Black Melton, Stombock’s, Washington, DC, used. $50.00.
Brown/Gold Harris Tweed Hacking Jacket, chamois on the cuff. Abercrombie and Fitch, NY, used. $90.00.

Beige, cotton twill, small peg, split fall front, made in England for Miller’s, NY.
Pale oyster, twill, small peg, split fall front, Miller’s, NY, custom department. Ex. condition. 2 pair.
Brown wool, twill, small peg, split fall front, Miller’s, NY, custom department, Ex. condition.
Rust, helanca breech, Harry Hall, side zip. Made when Harry Hall was a good breech. Ex. condition.
Pale canary, twill, small peg, split fall front, Sandon, London. Ex. condition. 2 pair.

Top Hat:
With cord, size 7¼

Recently Arrived, gentleman’s complete riding attire wardrobe
All size 44 short:
Scarlet evening tails, including trousers, vest and tie
Scarlet coat, 4 button front, medium weight
Scarlet coat, 4 button front, heavy weight
Black frock coat, heavy weight

40 regular:
Selection of breeches, both custom-made and by Tailored Sportsmen and others in helanca, Bedford cord and twill.
Please call the store for prices.
Upcoming Book Celebrates
the MFHA’s 100th Anniversary

The 300-plus page, hardbound, large format book commemorating the Masters of Foxhounds Association’s centennial anniversary is moving toward production and is scheduled for release in the spring of 2008. The book will be published by Derrydale Press, the premier publisher of sporting books in the United States. This is destined to be an important addition to the literature of foxhunting and a sought-after reference far into the future.
There’s Still Time to Sign Up for the Subscribers Edition…If You Act Fast

You can be part of this important publication by signing up for the special Subscribers Edition. This deluxe limited edition will feature a list of names in the Subscribers section, a lasting testament to those who have had an influence on the sport and wish to see it thrive in the future. The Subscribers Edition price of $350 allows you to list your name or to honor a friend, family member, landowner, mentor, or anyone you’d like to recognize – even a special horse or hound. This exceptional edition will come in a glossy dust jacket, presented in a red slipcase and will include the archival DVD. Beautiful embossing will identify the book as the Subscribers Edition, the quantity limited to match the number of subscribers. To order your Subscribers Edition, contact the MFHA office at 540-955-5680 or email
The text will feature selections from some of the sport’s most avid practitioners, assembled into a collection of informative and entertaining pieces on a wide variety of topics including:
• The sport’s history
• Why people are drawn to mounted hunting with hounds
• How the seasonal cycles influence hunting and kennel management
• Regional variations in hunting style
• Hound breeding
• The art of drag hunting
• Land conservation and landowner relations
• A recap of the Centennial events – hound trials, field hunter championships, joint meets, and the Centennial Ball
• And much more
Centennial Archival DVD Collection
     Accompanying the MFHA’s commemorative book, this archival collection presents a fascinating look at the 164 recognized hunt clubs in the US and Canada. Detailed information about each club is included along with photos and text plus video clips from approximately three dozen hunts. The DVD includes a searchable database, easy keys to locate any given hunt, and a recap of the Centennial events. Relax at your computer and enjoy this lively and insightful view into the many personalities and practices that give our sport its unique flair.      Also scheduled for release this spring, the DVD will be included with every copy of the commemorative centennial book. Additional copies ill be available for $29.95 each. Watch for ordering details as the 2008 release date approaches.

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